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Herbal Tea Remedies

Herbs are good for us.  They flavor food, aid digestion and maintain health.  What's more, enjoyed as an infusion in a tea, they help relieve the symptoms of many common ailments, uplift the spirits and improve our sense of wellbeing.

Herbal teas are renowned for their restorative quality, helping to sustain resistance to everyday illnesses with their soothing, comforting and refreshing flavors.

Choose from rose-hip tea, high in vitamin c to ward off a cold, or chamomile tea to promote sleep.  There are numerous herbs and recipe blends to treat things like anxiety, headaches, sleeplessness, depression, stress, build your immune system, aches, pains, detox your body, and much more.  So drink up !

Useful herbs to gather for your container tea garden

These herbs are easy to grow in containers.(just to name a few)

Lemon verbena      Marigold              Caraway              Chamomile                Fennel                 Thyme

Dill                        St. Johns wort       Hyssop                 Lavender                  Horehound 

Chervil                   Lemon balm        Peppermint          Spearmint                  Bergamot    

Borage                   Basil                    Rosemary            Sage                          Elderflower

Pick Me Up Tea

You will need

14 cup dried peppermint

¼ cup dried spearmint


Place ingredients in a jar with lid , shake well. To brew use 1 tsp tea to 1 cup hot water cover and allow to steep for 10 minutes.

Elderflower, Chamomile and Peppermint Tea

You will need

½ tsp elderflower

½ tsp chamomile

½ tsp peppermint

1 cup water

1 pinch lavender


sprinkle of ground ginger (optional for warmth)

sliced lemon (optional)


boil water and pour over herbs allow to steep for 5 minutes strain sweeten with honey.

Drink 3 times daily after meals.

Good for cold symptoms, indigestion, rest.

Rose Hip Tea

You need

2 tbs crushed rose hips

2 cups water



Place hose hips in a bowl, add cold water to cover and leave to soak for 24 hours out of sunlight.

After soak completed place 2 cups of water in a stainless steel pot add the rose hip solution and rose hips, simmer for 30 minutes on low heat. Strain, store in glass container in frig good for one week.

Drink daily to aid with cough and cold symptoms. Also very good for arthritis tx

Headache Tea

You will need.

(Equal measures of)

1 part chamomile

1 part skull cap

1 part lemon balm

1 part lavender

1 part lemon peel


Begin by placing all ingredients in a jar or other airtight container and mix well.

To brew use 2 tsp of mixture to 1 cup of water bring water to a boil remove from heat. Add tea and let steep for 15 minutes sweeten with raw honey if desired.

Can serve hot or cold, whenever you feel like you are getting a headache.

Stress Reducing Tea

This is a great tea for reducing stress, but it is also great for improving adrenal health and can be very helpful to those that are suffering from adrenal fatigue.

You will need

1 cup of ashwagandha root

1 cup of shatavari root

1 cup tulsi-holy basil

½ cup cinnamon chips


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and blend well, then place them in an airtight container/jar to store.

To brew

1 tsp herb to 1 cup of hot water let steep for 20 minutes, strain sweeten with honey. Drink when feeling tired or stressed.