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Handle Oils With Care

It's important to remember that these powerful essential oils for holistic therapy are very potent.

When using, keep the following tips in mind:

Do not put essential oils in your nose, ears, eyes or any areas of sensitive skin.

Always read and adhere to product labels before using essential oils.

Due to the potency of these oils, use them with care.

When buying essential oils, try to be certain they are certified USDA organic, 100% pure, therapeutic grade and indigenously sourced.

As you are looking to optimize your health, remember that foods you eat can be your medicine or your poison.  When you have specific issues that plague you, essential oils are one way to treat the problem, but eating clean, exercising and treating the whole self (rather than one piece) can go a long way to helping you reach your health goals.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Holistic Therapy

Out of the vast assortment of oily types and their effects, following are the five most popular and powerful essential oils for holistic therapy:


Made by distilling the resin of the frankincense tree, frankincense oil is a potent essential oil with various therapeutic properties that help.

Harmonize hormones, support circulation and blood flow, promote relaxation, reduce skin irritation, reduce inflammation, Enhance memory, Support oral health.


Sourced from citrus fruit, this essential oil is derived by the vapor distillation of neroli flowers and has numerous health benefits, including its ability to:

Prevent infection, Kill bacteria, Promote skin Health, Relax muscle tension, Promote relaxation, Support healthy digestion, Treat cases of food poisoning, Reduce depression.


Extracted from resin, the essential oil myrrh originated in Egypt and was used to mend injuries of ancient Greeks.  Today, myrrh continues to offer an assortment of health enhancements that can:

Reduce cough, Reduce fungal infections, Promote digestion, Remove toxins,Treat cuts and wounds, Support the immune System, Promote circulation, Reduce symptoms of indigestion, Reduce crams and muscle pains.


Derived from a grass first grown in the equatorial area of Asia, Vetiver is an essential oil with a warm earthy aroma.  this grass can:

Reduce inflammation, Reduce  the appearance of scars,Reduce bacterial infections, Promote nervous system health, Reduce insomnia, Promote healing, Promote functioning of the immune system, Moisturize the skin.


Removed from the stem and purified sage leaves create a powerful essential oil the can help;

Reduce fungal and bacterial infections, Reduce inflammation, Improve digestion, Improve mental stability, Remove toxins, Reduce headaches, Reduce symptoms of colds, coughs, fevers and infections, Reduce and eliminate scarring.