Greenpath Healing Center Limited Inc.

 Alternative Healing  -  Phone  (304) 205-3469 

Crystal grid class

Date  June 26th 2018   @ 630p  here at Greenpath,

 Nitro ,WV

This class is full

teacher Jenny Taylor

Reiki Level 1

Date May 10th,2018 

Time 945am to 530pm @ Greenpath Healing Center  Nitro , WV

This is the beginners  level of Usui Reiki.   No prior classes required , just a readiness to learn to heal yourself and others

Cost $150.00

Jenny Taylor Reiki Master Teacher.

Personal Protection Magick

Time: 1 hour Fee: $20 Teacher: Karen Hall

Note: (For those planning to take the Crystal Grid Class this Class is a class that is highly recommended prior to taking the Class.)

Most psychic attacks are totally unintentional, but not all of them. Whether you’ve picked up a bit of stray negative energy while out is public or someone is seriously trying to steal your power, this class can help. It will focus on how to identify a psychic attack, how to recover from one, and how to prevent future attacks.

It will also cover how to recognize and deal with psychic and emotional vampires – especially those who might be part of your daily life.

Reiki Level II Class

July 1st 2018 @10am til 500pm  @ Greenpath in Nitro,WV

This is the 2nd level of  Usui Reiki, in this class we will learn distance healing, cutting of cords and more.  Note you must have completed level 1 to attend this class

Teacher Jenny Taylor Rn, Rmt    Cost $200

Crystal grid class

Date  July 3rd 2018   @ 630p  here at Greenpath

 Nitro ,WV

In this class we learn to make a grid that is combined and focused, to enhance our lives and the environment.  Grids are very powerful when set correctly.     contact  304- 205-3469  or sign up on Facebook.

Cost $20

teacher Jenny Taylor