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Holistic Therapy

Everyday, people looking for better health pour millions of dollars into the pharmaceutical industry.  While certain  medications can be beneficial, others can lead to painful side effects and may simply swap one problem for another.

On the other hand, holistic therapies offer an option for optimal health care with few, if any, negative consequences. Here's what you need to know about holistic therapy and how essential oils can be used to improve your well-being.

What is Holistic Therapy? by Jenny Stradling

Many people have heard of holistic therapy, but few are aware of the philosophy, technique and resulting health benefits of holistic practices.  Holistic therapy acknowledges four key aspects of a human - body, mind, soul and emotions- and considers each aspect during the healing process to achieve maximum health and well-being.

In short, holistic therapy is centered around the concept that one can attain maximum health by finding a balance among these key elements.

Another core belief of holistic practitioners is the idea that simply treating the symptoms of a person's issue is not enough to alleviate the problem - it ignores many aspects of a person, thereby treating only a piece of the individual and not the "whole".  Holistic caretakers believe that the root cause of a physical, emotional, spiritual or behavioral issue needs to be addressed in order to access recovery and improve ones overall sense of health and wellness.

How are Essential Oils and Holistic Therapy Related?

As an approach that considers multiple aspects of the human condition, the methods of holistic therapies are diverse and unique.  One of the most popular and widely incorporated forms of holistic therapy is the use of essential oils.  Known for their purity and characteristic scents, essential oils on only add a natural fragrance to your environment, but they can also offer a magnitude of health benefits when used properly.  (Always us 100% therapeutic grade oils)

Resulting from the therapeutic properties residing in each oil, these benefits can have substantial emotional and physical healing effects on individuals.  With an assortment of diverse therapeutic effects, essential oils can have ability to accelerate and improve relaxation, quality of sleep, mental awareness, and alleviate and or soothe bruises, the common cold, cuts, stress relief, skin irritations, psoriasis, bug bites and inflammation.

They have also been found to help those struggling with substance abuse dependency and can be one piece in a holistic recovery process for all.

Greenpath Healing Center Limited Inc. is a small clinic located in

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We offer alternative treatments for Body, mind, emotions and spirit.

as well as diet consultations,

 spiritual guidance,

Body detoxification,

 herbal remedies,

Reiki Therapy, and Pet Reiki,

foot spa baths,

 ionic detox foot baths,

 hypnotherapy, past life regression


muscle testing,


Kolaimni Therapy,

 cupping treatment and massage, 

Homeopathic remedies ,

Laying on of stones, 

Crystals and Stones available.

Relaxation techniques,

Tarot Card Reading by Karen Hall,

 there are Vitamins and Supplements that are also available upon request

 chakra balancing, and other services provided that promote a healthy mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

 Classes also available. See Class tabs above for scheduling or call.

Owner -  Jenny Taylor, RN. Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Kolaimni Practitioner, Master of Crystology, Iridologist, etc.

Degrees obtained from Midwest University of Naturopathic Medicine.

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